Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are all movers insured?

When it comes to Movers Redondo Beach, we are licensed and insured.

2. Why hire movers?

If you wish to save some time and ease your mind when it comes to moving, and avoid hard labor, it would be best to hire a professional moving company.

3. Are movers expensive?

When it comes to pricing, some companies have lower rates and some higher. It depends on their rating and level of service they provide.

4. When will movers pack you?

If we are dealing with a smaller move, up to 2 bedroom worth of items, moving and packing can be done in the same day. However, for larger moves, our packing team would come a day prior to pack you.

5. When do movers get paid?

Most moving companies charge the whole move once the move is done.

6. Where to hire movers?

You can find multiple moving companies when searching on Yelp or Google.

7. Will movers take apart beds?

Most movers will disassemble furniture and assemble it at the destination if needed.

8. Will movers pack you?

Yes, most moving companies offer Packing service.

9. Are movers considered essential services?

Yes, the city of Los Angeles declared moving as essential services.

10. Where to find movers who store furniture?

Most moving companies do not offer their own storage facility for storing of the items but most of us do provide Storage In and Out moves.