Tips for Creating An Inventory List

Before you even start planning your move, you need to think about a key component which is an inventory list. An inventory list can become helpful in a large number of situations, for your insurance company, filing a police report or simply for organizing your home. It is also an important part of your upcoming move if you are planning to relocate soon. Your pro movers will make use of your list of items, provide you with a better cost estimate and overall give a better experience. An inventory list is an unavoidable part of every move, so it might be best to sit down and start making it ahead of time so you can have everything ready by the time your pro movers show up at your doorstep.

We at Movers of Redondo Beach know how valuable an inventory list can be, which is why we have prepared a detailed guide and some of the best tips to use. Making a killer inventory list can only make your move easier, which is why you should know exactly how it should be done. Welcome to Moving To Redondo Beach – The Right Way.

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What is an inventory list?

An inventory list, list of items or home inventory, is just that – a list of everything of value that you own and are planning to take with you to your new residence. It should be a fairly detailed description of the items you own, their condition, and their value. Some people might decide to go into more detail with their list and add the brand of each item as well. The more detailed you are, the better it will be for you in the long run. An inventory list is extremely important before, during and even after your move so make sure to start on this project early in order to coordinate it with all of your other moving related tasks.

Why is an inventory list helpful?

While it can be helpful in a large number of situations as previously mentioned, we will focus on moving this time. An inventory list is used to get a better time and cost estimate from your movers, checking items on and off the truck during the move, and during unpacking as well. If everything is labeled correctly and in detail, you will know exactly in which box to dive into during unpacking to find a specific item. Providing your pro movers with an inventory list can help them keep everything organized from start to finish.

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When should I start making my inventory list?

It is easiest if you are creating your inventory list at the same time while you are packing. You will go item by item and write down what you have packed, haven’t packed, etc. Simply go through the inventory list as you are gathering and preparing your items for your upcoming move, making sure not to forget anything while doing so. While this can be a time consuming task, it can be a lot of help in the long run, especially after your move. You will probably thank yourself for taking the time to do this, even though it might not be a tough task to complete.

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Tips for creating an inventory list

We have gathered some of the most helpful tips if you’ve never created an inventory list on your own before. With this simple guide, you will be able to create a perfect list of items for your upcoming move with almost no trouble at all. Your pro movers will also be thankful that you took the time to do this!

Sort everything room by room

Instead of going by item type, sorting by letter or any other way, room by room is by far the easiest and most organized way to go. Especially if you will be placing items in the same room of your new home, it will be much easier to keep track of everything you are planning to take with you. Simply start packing up one room, start listing your items as you go, and make sure to list the quantity of each item you are planning to take. If you are thinking of placing a certain item in a different room of your new home, you can add that note to your list as well. Again, the more detailed you are, the easier it will be to do everything else after that.

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Write down the condition and value of your items

Make sure to write down the condition and value of each item you are listing, so you can have everything in one spot if the worst comes to happen during your move. If anything is lost or  damaged by your LA movers, you will have all the information you need to file a claim in your list of items. Taking some precaution before your move even happens is always the best way to go. After all, it is always better to be safe than sorry.

Take photos and videos of your items

Taking a quick photo or video of your items can prove their state and condition before the move started, giving you one more piece of information for your LA local movers if anything is lost or damaged along the way. This can also be helpful for complicated items that need to be disconnected and reconnected at your new residence. You won’t have to spend time figuring it out on your own, you will have a mini tutorial ready so you can have it done as soon as you move in and get settled. While this is not a must on your list of things to do, it is highly recommended by our pro movers at Movers of Redondo Beach.

Labeling by color or number

Having your boxes either numbered or labeled by color (or both) can be very helpful during the entire process of moving, and later unpacking, too. Make sure to write down detailed descriptions on your boxes of what they contain, whether there are any fragile contents inside, or extremely valuable items that you need to keep an eye on during your move. Please note that extremely valuable items should be moved by you whenever it is possible, since mistakes do tend to happen no matter how reliable your pro movers might be. Again, better safe than sorry.

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Have at least 3 copies ready for your move

Having at least three copies of your list for your move is a must, one for your movers, one for you and one to have just in case. Make a few more copies if you feel it is needed, you might need to use your list in different scenarios after your move is finished. Having a list of everything you’ve come to own over the course of your life is something everyone should have if the worst comes to happen. 

Send your list to moving companies

When calling around for time and cost estimates for your move, having a list of items to send to them can give you a more accurate answer. Usually for commercial movers, your moving company in Los Angeles will require a list of items anyway, because it is extremely tricky to determine the size of your move without it when moving a business. Make sure to send your list before hiring your company of choice, if not, sending it after hiring them is crucial. You can send your list of items to Movers of Redondo Beach via email to request a quote!

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Use your inventory list to declutter

Your inventory list can be extremely helpful when choosing to declutter your home sooner or later. You can choose to do this before your move, or at any point in time after that too. With your inventory list, you can easily create four piles: keep, toss, sell and donate. It will be much easier to keep track of what is in which category and have an overview of everything you own during the entire process of decluttering. 

During this, make sure to have a pile for items that can be repaired in any way, so you don’t toss items that can easily be fixed and put to use or donated after. Think about your community and different organizations you can donate your unwanted items to. Preparing a garage sale before your move can help increase your moving budget a little and help you save up some money instead of paying to move these items you will no longer be using anyway. Decluttering is a helpful way of staying within your budget lines during the move and starting fresh in your new home without all those unwanted items in your way as well.

Make checkboxes for loading and unloading

Make sure to create a list of items with little checkboxes beside each item. Make sure to put three checkboxes, one for the loading of your items, second for unloading at your new home, and third to use during unpacking. Checking twice if everything has arrived safe and sound into your new home can help a lot if something is actually missing after your move. Sometimes, LA movers can leave items either in your old home or forget them on their truck. This way you will know exactly which item is missing soon enough to notify the company.

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Will my movers request a list of items before my move?

For moving an office, your pro movers will most likely require a list before your move so they can coordinate everything properly before the day arrives. For residential moves it might not be required but it is helpful.

Can I get an exact estimate with a list of items?

Even with an exact list of items, it is hard to predict the final time and cost with movers by the hour. Traffic, unexpected surprises and obstacles in the way can prolong your move, or the case might be that your move is completed quicker than estimated. They can give you a better estimate with a list, but not an exact time and cost estimate.

What happens if something is lost during the move?

You can contact your first class movers and notify them about the item that is lost. They will try to locate your item within their facility and return it to you once it has been found.

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