One of the most beautiful coastal cities in Los Angeles,  CA, Redondo Beach is an amazing place to move to. Only 7 miles from LAX airport and around 20 miles from the heart of LA, you will be in proximity of all of the buzz.
With the rising population of approximately 67,000 and median price of a single family home of $610,000 it is one of the rising neighborhoods in LA. When it comes to renting an apartment you are looking for around $2000.
If you are considering moving to Redondo Beach bear in mind the city has 15 parks, a performing arts center, King Harbour, Redondo Beach Pier and Seaside Lagoon to name a few. It is a true paradise for those who enjoy life next to the beach.

Diversity and hidden gems

Now, one of the beauties of living in Redondo Beach is its diversity.
Namely, the North Redondo, which is located inland, is more of an industrial place and a commercial paradise. There is an abundance of engineering and IT firms as well as entertainment ones – shopping centers, restaurants and cultural centers.

Whereas the South Redondo depicts a true laid-back, beach vibe. With its wide sandy beaches, well-connected community and marina, it is a true getaway place if you are moving in order to avoid the hassle of busy and urban life.

One of the neatest things to take a look at while moving locally to Redondo Beach is the fact that the streets North to South are called the Jewel streets.
From Agate, Beryl, Carnelian, Diamond, Emerald, Garnet to Opal, Pearl, Sapphire. Small and charming things such as these are what makes Redondo Beach enjoyable for living. So, if you are looking for a reason to move here, know that you will find hidden gems everywhere.


However, it is not the wide beaches that are the true jewel of Redondo Beach. If you are already calling up your local movers near you, consider Redondo Beach as your home due to numerous learning platforms.
The 12 schools in Redondo Beach are among the finest distinguished schools in the whole USA.The Redondo Beach Unified School District contains eight elementary schools, one high school, two middle schools, one adult school and one continuation school. In addition, Redondo Beach is a home to one of the best private preschools, elementary and middle school called Valor Christian Academy.

Culture, Recreation and Entertainment

The beating heart of the Redondo Beach is definitely the Redondo Beach Performing Arts Center. It is the host of the South Bay Civic Opera company with its 1457 seats.

Moreover, it is a home of Distinguished Speakers series with speakers such as Former First Lady Rosalyn Carter, Astronaut John Glenn, author Amy Tan, former Secretary of State Colin Powell, comedians and humorists such as Mark Russel and Dennis Miller, and many more. In addition, Redondo Beach Pier is your go-to place if you are moving to Redondo Beach due to its seafood.

Brimming with seafood restaurants and shops it is your destination of choice if you are looking for some family fun.
When it comes to King’s Harbor however, this is a recreational boating Marina filled with excellent restaurants including the famous Chart House and Cheesecake factory.

As previously mentioned, there are 14 parks in the City of Redondo Beach.
Aviation park, located on the premises of former Aviation High School is the site of the Redondo Beach Performing Arts Center.

Alta Vista Park is a 10 acre park with a tennis and racquetball center, 3 lighted baseball fields, one soccer field, 8 tennis courts, a community center, picnic tables, play structures and swings, and rest rooms.

Moving on to the Seaside Lagoon.

This park is a 4 acre salt water lagoon that uses heated water from the adjacent power generation plant to warm the waters of the lagoon, which are great for swimming.  In addition, the park is equipped with picnic benches, barbeque pits and so one. So no matter if you are interested in a simple family fun, or maybe an interesting date Seaside Lagoon can be your choice.

And finally, there is Wilderness Park. The park has plenty of campsites that allow overnight camping, with barbeque facilities and restrooms. It attracts plenty of locals, especially younger generations.

So, no matter if you are looking to move in order to find a small piece of paradise in the midst of a jungle or maybe a highrise condo overlooking the sea, Redondo Beach has it all.