Top 7 things to do in Redondo Beach

Before we provide you with the list of things you can do in Redondo Beach, let us tell you something more about the city itself. If you already moved here, you noticed that city is divided into two distinct areas – North and South Redondo. North Redondo is pretty flat, except for the Golden Hills area and South Redondo has lots of ocean view hillsides. Since North Redondo does not touch the beach, it tends to be less expensive and has better freeway access in case you need to commute to your job. North Redondo has a lot of townhouse options, usually single-family homes. South Redondo also has lots of townhomes, family homes, but near the beach there are many condominiums. Both parts of Redondo have excellent schools, restaurants and shopping. However, Redondo Beach is playful area with something for everyone, so you can call your moving company without the doubt.

Since you are new in the city, we will try to help you out with this list. Whether you are moving to Redondo Beach with kids or not, these tips are suitable for everyone.

1. Let’s start with obvious – Beach

Redondo County Beach is a 1.5-mile-long sandy beach. If you are there with the kids, keep in mind that lifeguards are on duty watching them. Amenities at the beach include picnic areas with tables, restrooms, showers, grassy park, children’s play area. If you are outdoor lover, you will be happy to hear that this beach is popular as ‘LA’s Ocean Adventure Capitol’. There is an array of activities from volleyball courts, surfing, swimming, fishing to walking or mountain biking along the Marvin Braude Coastal Bike Trail. You can also rent a kayak or paddleboard. You can rent equipment for a sportfishing at the tackle shops nearby. If you are not into outdoor sports, you can swim in the ocean or go to the Riviera. Some people say that Riviera Village is even prettier than French Riviera. You will see unique, local shops, salons and eateries on this Riviera. Treat yourself with the dinner with the view during the sunset.

Redondo County Beach is a 1.5-mile-long sandy beach.

2. Redondo Beach Pier

The Redondo Beach Pier is very popular tourist attraction, so be ready for a big crowd. Pier is also known as ‘Municipal Pier’, ‘Pleasure Pier’ and ‘Horseshoe Pier’ and offers an array of great restaurants, buzzing bars with the ocean view, boutiques and shops. If you are seeking for a perfect spot for your new Instagram post – this is it! Once you see the Redondo Beach Pier, you will regret not moving to the Redondo Beach sooner.

If you are moving to the Redondo Beach with kids, you should know that Sunshine Kites, located on Redondo Pier offers free yo-yo classes for kids. Here is held an annual kite festival in March. Your kids will be thrilled to see this. And you can always buy a kite in a nearby store and have fun with your little ones.

Pier is perfect if you like fishing. You can rent a fishing pole and enjoy your day. Everyone can participate in the fishing, even if you don’t have any experience once you move to the Redondo Beach, you will have plenty of time to learn.

Near the Pier you will find Redondo Beach Marina. If you have teens, they will love jet skis. Here you can rent fishing boat and take your family out on the waves. You will find great restaurants here, so you can just enjoy family lunch.

During the season, from May until September, you can go to the Seaside Lagoon. This is perfect spot for the whole family. This place is safer for smaller kids, because is sheltered from the surf.

If this haven’t convinced you to call your professional movers yet, wait to hear this. You can take your kids to Whale Watching. They will be super excited about this. This is your opportunity to see a variety of whale species, like gray whales, minke, humpbacks, find and sperm whales. But not only that, you will see sharks, dolphins, seals and many species of seabirds.

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In Redondo Beach, you will find Veterans Park

3. Family Fun in Parks

If you are trying to find a place to chill from the sun for a while, parks are the best options. In Redondo Beach, you will find Veterans Park, which has green fields, playgrounds and memorial to local veterans. The other one is Hopkins Wilderness Park in the hart of Redondo Beach. This is a home to meadows, forests, streams and ponds. This park was created in the late 70s as a center for conservation, nature study and camping. You will find several hiking and mountain trails here. For your family, there are picnic and camping areas, amphitheater, play structures and sandboxes. You will enjoy this together with your family once you move in Redondo Beach. There is also Dominguez Park with lovely grassy areas with large trees, picnic areas and play equipment for children. If you are moving in Redondo Beach with dog, this is a leash-free dog park. Here is the historic Heritage Court which included two historic homes, namely the Queen Anne House and Morrell House.

Family Fun in Parks
If you are trying to find a place to chill from the sun for a while, parks are the best options.

4. Farmers Market and Shopping in the Village

Locals just love this about Redondo Beach! You will find fresh products at open-air market in Redondo Beach. It is very fun to see the variety. Right by the market are some really cute small boutiques for shopping too! The whole village area is full of cute shops, coffee houses and restaurants.


5. Great Restaurants

Ok, where to start. If you are a foodie, you should move to the Redondo Beach as soon as possible! If you are seeking for an unforgettable dining experience, you should go to the Captain Kidd’s Fish Market & Restaurant. Their menu offers a variety of fresh local and international fish, as well as cooked-to-order lobster and other ocean-fresh seafood. You can choose your fresh cuts of fish from the fish market counter and explain how would you like it cooked. This restaurant offers three lovely patios where guests can dine with gorgeous view. One of the patios is dog-friendly, so you can take your best friend with you as well. If you are looking for a unique delight such as ahi tuna, Fijan opah, swordfish, crab cakes etc. – Blue Salt Fish Grill is your destination.

For lovers of a French and Italian cuisine, you can go to the casual neighborhood bistro-style restaurant and have a glass of wine. Dominique’s Kitchen is the best place for romantic dates.

We could talk about the restaurants for the whole day, but let’s mention just one more and stop. If your favorite breakfast is classic American breakfast and you enjoy good old burger, you should go to Eat at Joe’s. Their special is called Mad Dog, which is made up of yesterday’s leftovers. If you love to experiment with food, you should try it.

Dominique’s Kitchen is the best place for romantic dates.

6. Redondo Beach Bike Path

We already mentioned The Marvin Braude Bike Path, but you should know this is a 22 miles of beach-front bike path. Our locals refer to this area as ‘the strand’. At Marina Bike Rentals, you can rent bikes, or even tandem bikes, bike trailers, toddler seats, kid’s bikes. All ages are welcome!

We already mentioned The Marvin Braude Bike Path, but you should know this is a 22 miles of beach-front bike path

7. The SEA Lab

The SEA Lab is one of the local’s favorite places for little kids. This is an interactive science education center established by the Los Angeles Conservation Corps. Their goal is to educate visitors about marine life ad importance of ocean conservation. They offer a program of activities including beach explorations, touch tank tours and classroom programs for children of all ages. You can take your kids to the summer camp programs here, community service programs like beach clean-ups, or a Traveling Tide Pool traveling exhibit.

We think now is definitely the time to call your local moving company to relocate you here. Your family will enjoy!

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