Hiring Packers and Movers vs DIY packing

How nice it would be if we could just avoid the process of packing altogether? No matter how early you might decide to start packing up for your move, be prepared for it to take a lot of time, and effort, too.

These days, professional packers movers are quite popular, which is why you might be looking into these services too and wondering: what is better? Doing this by myself, or hiring a professional and just getting it over with?

While it is always nice to have somebody else do these unpopular tasks instead of you, having professional packers movers does have its drawbacks. Instead of sitting around and wondering what the best decision may be, it might be best to put these options both head to head and see for yourself.

The key components to a quality packing experience are the following:  

Professional vs. DIY – Efficiency

It is very important to be efficient, with both your time and packing supplies when it comes to packing. You don’t want to waste money on supplies you will not be needing, or spend time on unnecessary tasks that will do no good in the end. You want to keep it simple, easy and to the point, so you can finish everything in time. With self-packing, you are looking at weeks and weeks of planning and getting everything together so you can finish before your packers movers arrive.

You will probably dedicate more than 3 weeks to this process alone, and while it might seem like too much – remember that good packing is half of a successful move.

Local movers in Los Angeles however, can take all of your items and pack them in one day in most cases, leaving you with 3 weeks’ worth of time to focus on everything else you need to get done before the moving day arrives.

Your movers will cut the time needed to complete the entire process by a long shot, leaving you with more than plenty of time to complete everything else you need to do for your move instead. Isn’t that great?

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Professional vs. DIY – Control

Control is very important to some people because they want to make sure everything is perfect and just the way they have imagined it. Doing a self-pack means that you will have all the control in the world. You decide the label colors, you decide how fast or slow you want to go about this, you decide how much money you want to spend on supplies, etc. 

Having control over all of these things is one of the most important parts of the process for some individuals, but Los Angeles packers movers will probably handle everything differently. Pack and load services mean that you will have to sit back while the professionals are taking care of everything for you, meaning that you won’t have much say in how it is done. If this is something you don’t really care for much, then good. But others would beg to differ. 

Professional packers and movers will handle your packing as they would for all of their packing jobs, which might not be exactly how you pictured it the day before. prepare yourself for this before they arrive at your location. They will probably bring their own supplies, use what is best for each item type and sort them by specific categories to make sure they do not get damaged during loading, transport, or unloading.

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Professional vs. DIY – Safety

You are the one in charge of the safety of your items when we are talking about DIY packing. What you need to do is spend time looking up some good packing tips, choosing the best method to pack up your items to make sure they stay safe, sort them and keep everything organized until the moment your LA movers arrive at your origin address.

This can be a lot for someone that doesn’t have much experience in packing on their own, but with time and good tips by your side, you will get the hang of it. What can be tricky in these situations is that your moving company will not take responsibility for items that are packed prior to their arrival, meaning that their insurance won’t cover them unless they have obviously been damaged by the movers due to improper handling. 

When you have professional packers movers by your side, you can sleep peacefully because you will know that your items are insured during every second of your move. Your movers will take responsibility and make sure everything stays damage-free until they have helped you unpack in your new home!

This might be one of the best perks of having packers movers by your side, so don’t hesitate to reach out to your Los Angeles moving company and ask about their services!

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Professional vs. DIY – Organization

DIY packing means that you are the one and only person in charge of organizing everything to a T. What can be excruciating about this is that you need to spend a lot of time and have a lot of attention to detail if you want to keep everything as organized as it should be. Making plans, categorizing your items, packing them in a convenient way, and labeling them to perfection is what will make your move a good experience.

Not only that, but the more you organize before everything happens means less time and effort during unpacking, which is something most people hate even more than packing itself. Which is worse – it’s up to you to decide. 

Having professional packers movers means that they will not only pack everything for you but also unpack too. This can be a great benefit at the destination because if you are too exhausted to unpack anything – your movers have you covered.

LA movers are known to be amazing at packing, so giving your trust to them and having them do everything for you won’t be something you will regret, it can only make it easier for you. Keep in mind that if you want to be the one in charge of all of the organization, you need to step up and start planning ahead. Organizing everything can take a lot of time!

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Professional vs. DIY – Packing Supplies

If you have decided to pack by yourself, unfortunately, you will be the one that needs to run back and forth between your home and the supply store. Don’t overbuy supplies, but also have a few extras on hand just to be safe and avoid having to go back for more.

You will need to set up a budget and clearly calculate the costs of your supplies so you don’t go overboard. You can find cheap alternatives for supplies, find some free supplies at your local businesses, or ask your neighbors and friends if they have some leftovers in their garage. 

With professional packers movers, this will be none of your concern either. Not only because you won’t have to go purchase the supplies, but because you won’t even have to think about which supplies to purchase. Most moving companies provide all kinds of supplies and only charge for those you choose to use during the move.

They can bring specific items like TV boxes, dish packs, etc. that can be really efficient in the long run. Ask your LA movers about their full service and see what it includes! Ask for the prices for their supplies and make sure you are aware of all of the costs before hiring movers.

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Professional vs. DIY – Professional Inventory

Professional inventory or more widely known as a list of items is something you need before your movers arrive. This is part of the “organization” we mentioned earlier. What you need to do is take every item and box you have packed and create a list of items that you are taking with you to your new home. 

Not only will this help you keep track of everything while it is being loaded and unloaded so nothing gets lost, but during unpacking an inventory can be extremely helpful. Some moving companies will require you to have this prior to scheduling them, so it is never too early to start planning and deciding what your list of items is going to look like.

It is always best to go room by room when creating an inventory of your home, and keeping it as clear as possible for everyone involved. 

With professional packers movers, you don’t have to do any of this. Your LA movers will arrive and take care of the inventory process so you don’t have to! It is that easy. They will make sure everything is organized on your end and that nothing gets lost during the loading process or transportation with that one magic tool: an inventory list.

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Now that we have gathered the most important parts of packing, both by yourself or with a professional moving company in Los Angeles, you get to choose which is better. Handling everything on your own can be a time-consuming process, but you can make it more fun than it needs to be and take your time with it. If you want to make it a family adventure – go for it!

But if you are busy, don’t have the time and simply do not want to spend your energy on something as boring as packing everything for your move – professional packers movers are definitely the way to go. 

There is nothing more satisfying than sitting back and enjoying the process while someone else does the work on your behalf. The other positive note of having professional movers do everything for you is knowing exactly how much everything is going to cost you – if you’ve hired a reliable Los Angeles moving company, that is.

When it comes to packers and movers, make sure to hire a moving company that is licensed, insured, and bonded to make the experience as pleasant as possible for yourself. There is nothing better than hiring movers and realizing it was the best decision you could have ever possibly made.

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